A More Liveable Toronto

A more liveable Toronto starts with improving transit and tackling congestion. Toronto’s streets are gridlocked and its transit is overcrowded. As a result, the city’s economy is hurt, Torontonians spend more time getting to work and frustrated families are kept apart longer than necessary. Torontonians deserve better. To make Toronto more liveable, John Tory’s number one priority is SmartTrack, a new 22-station surface subway that moves the most people in the shortest time across the entire city. John Tory’s One Toronto Transit Plan will bring relief sooner – in 7 years - to more Torontonians, starting with launching construction of the Scarborough subway extension immediately.

A More Affordable Toronto

A more affordable Toronto means keeping taxes low, particularly the city’s property taxes. Every wasted dollar is a lost opportunity to invest in what maters most to Torontonians: building transit, repairing crumbling roads, city infrastructure, and strengthening the city’s neighbourhoods. John Tory will find and eliminate the real waste at City Hall and invest in Torontonians’ priorities. Toronto also needs to attract jobs and investments. John Tory will keep Toronto’s taxes low and cut the needless red tape to bring more business and better jobs to all of Toronto.

A More Functional Toronto

The best plan can’t help strengthen Toronto if City Hall can’t work together. In order to make Toronto more liveable and affordable, City Hall must first function. Toronto needs a leader who can bring the city together, not polarize its people. John Tory will build consensus and work with all levels of government to deliver results for Torontonians. John believes in building one city, One Toronto. One Toronto, to build for the future, with jobs and transit, across the city. To do so, City Council needs to work together, and the Mayor needs to work with, not against, other levels of government.