Andrea Strachan

I worked at Tory's when John was there. He and his family are decent, hard working, honest people. John was always open to talk to everyone, no matter what your position was at the law firm. I have no doubt in my mind that John Tory would be the very best choice as Mayor of Toronto. If I lived in Toronto, he would get my vote.

Nina Spencer

Ward: 18
Occupation: Keynote Speaker, Author

This is the first time I've felt impassioned to volunteer for a candidate's campaign. John’s the right man, for the right time. Although marking an "X" for John is ultimately good enough, if we REALLY want to feel pride in our mayor and city again, NOW is the time to be VOCAL about supporting his candidacy. It's John who’ll recover Toronto's reputation. He's a leader steeped in proven ability to build loyal, collaborative, high-performing teams in a variety of business and volunteer settings. He knows how—and has the right style, grace and demeanor—to build consensus with other levels of government. Wouldn't it be nice for us to have what our neighbours to the WEST have enjoyed in THEIR beloved mayor for 35 years? We can begin THAT by voting for John—one of the last intelligent, straight-forward, engaged, trustworthy "good ones" we all dream and hope still exit. John's the real deal. If we vote John on Oct. 27th (and let's do it landslide-style!), I predict HE will become beloved too.

Jonathan Gravel

Toronto is a very special and unique city that has a reserved spot in my heart due to its life, cultural heterogeneity and sense of community. The current state of Toronto City Hall is one of distraction and personal antagonism that has lead to a stalemate with national reverberations.

Toronto faces large challenges including, but not limited to, dealing with the current transit and consequently traffic congestion issues. Toronto needs a Yonge Relief Line and the Scarborough Subway now, not later - John Tory will get this done. Toronto residents, but also residents from across this province, deserve a mayor who is a statesman, who believes in partnership and teamwork within city hall, who believes in evidence-based economically sound public policy, and most importantly, takes Toronto forward.


Occupation: LAWYER


Lorin MacDonald

Ward: Ward 28 - Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Occupation: Lawyer

I have known John for 10 years now and my esteem for him continues to grow. As a human rights lawyer and a woman living with a disability, I strive to ensure that people with disabilities are able to fully participate in the community of their choice. Over the years, I have been continuously impressed by John's compassion and profound desire to ensure all Torontonians enjoy the same rights of citizenship. He intuitively realizes that a city welcoming to all is a city which will benefit from that same diversity. John seeks and respects collaboration, understanding that all voices need to be part of the city mosaic - anyone left out is like a missing tile. In my view, this is exactly the kind of mayor Toronto needs!

Nancy Handisyde

Ward: 24 – Willowdale
Occupation: Retired Human Resource Administrator

I support Mr. Tory because he was honest, polite, practical and fair in his responses to callers on his C.F.R.B. talk show - excellent traits in giving people confidence in him as a leader. John Tory was respectful of everyone regardless of whether he necessarily agreed with their point of view - an excellent trait in bringing people of different ideas together. He listened and was easily capable of accepting someone else’s ideas - excellent traits in working together with people. He is a well-spoken and well-mannered person who Toronto can be proud of.

Teri Brown

Ward: 21 - St Paul's
Occupation: Business Advisor

I have had the pleasure of knowing John Tory and his family for several years. It would be hard to find a finer, more generous individual. His priorities revolve around family and Toronto – the city he loves. He has a unique ability to support what just makes the most practical sense. He is also selfless, supporting countless worthy causes and community endeavours.

John epitomizes the word “mensch”. A good heart, a good head, and good and workable ideas. He is a sensible leader with a proven track record of working tirelessly and collaboratively to bring Toronto to the status we deserve as a “world-class” metropolis.

He is Mayor material through and through - let’s make the most of this opportunity Toronto! Get involved! Spread the word!

John Chick

Ward: Trinity-Spadina
Occupation: Freelance writer

John Tory is - by light years - the best candidate for mayor of Toronto. His SmartTrack plan represents to clearest vision any candidate has offered to provide the city with crucial and long-overdue rapid transit relief. While his opponents twist facts, it's easy to forget that the idea has its roots in the TTC's long-abandoned Network 2011 plan, which was intended to provide a Downtown Relief Line by 2011. By utilizing existing rail corridors, surface subway can be provided with less colossal expense of tunnelling. It's not rocket science. Cities like New York and Chicago have had surface or elevated subways for decades. It is obvious that transit is the make-or-break issue for Toronto's future. And I support John Tory's vision to make that future a positive one.

Becca Mintz

Ward: 28 – Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Occupation: Financial Services Professional

John’s extensive track record in business gives me confidence that he can be a pragmatic and effective mayor of Toronto. Unlike the current mayor, he has the potential to work with city council – not against it – for the sake of our great city. The best CEOs rely on logic and evidence-based decision making. They rely on subject matter experts to inform them. And if a CEO isn’t performing on the job, there’s a clear path for them to exit the role.

The City of Toronto faces many of the same challenges as a large business in the private sector, and I see no reason why our mayor should be held to a lower standard. Toronto residents deserve a mayor who knows what he’s doing – who shows up to work, does what he says he’ll do, and takes our city forward.

Sonja Jevric

Occupation: Doctor

I skipped to work on the day I heard John Tory announced he was entering the race for Mayor. Thrilled is too small a word to describe my excitement. I was born and raised in Toronto and used to be proud to call this city my home. Recently, the pride has diminished with the increased taxes, scandals by the current Mayor and the wasteful spending of all our hard earned dollars by governments and elected officials. These days, the media announces a billion dollars are missing from government pockets or the Mayor was caught swearing, drinking or taking drugs and we all shrug our shoulders and figure what can we do. Likely, we can do something come Election Day.

I would be proud to have John Tory represent this fine city and show the international and local officials how it should be done. Classy, honest, intelligent leadership while running Toronto like a business- cutting waste and rewarding hard work! That's what I look forward to...That's what Toronto needs!

Aeriol Fitzgerald

Ward: 33 – Beaches-East York
Occupation: Executive Assistant

I support John Tory because I have come to understand he is very thoughtful and intelligent, and he knows what he is doing around all kinds of issues and matters. As such I feel very comfortable with him at the helm of our wonderful city, Toronto. I trust him to be able to make good decisions that benefit all citizens, not just interest groups. His decisions are based on solid experience and also the ability to consult others should he need more information.

I listened to John Tory on the radio occasionally at work, and at first was pretty sure I WOULD NOT like him. But in a short period of time I could see that my original thoughts on him were most assuredly wrong. I saw that he was very well-rounded and smart, with a good sense of humour. I very much hope he succeeds in his mayoral campaign. We Torontonians need a strong, smart, person to help our city realize its potential and to capitalize and build on its many strengths. John Tory is that person.

Matt Wensley

He has vision.

He offers hope.

He is proved to be honest and trustworthy.

Kevin Vuong

Ward: 28
Occupation: Banker

‎Toronto‬ needs a mayor who has a ‪vision‬ for the ‪future‬, as well as the skills and ‪experience‬ to deliver on that vision. We need a mayor who is neither left nor right, but rather someone who can build ‪consensus‬ at Council and work with all levels of government. We need a mayor who we can all be proud of, and will ‪rebuild‬ our great city by restoring our ‪dignity‬ and ‪reputation‬ as a world-class city.

Today, I voted for the person that Toronto needs. I voted for the person that will build a Toronto that is more liveable, affordable, and functional. I voted for John Tory.

Abraham Yuen

Ward: Willowdale- Ward 24
Occupation: Optometry Student

I am happy to support John to be the next mayor of Toronto. John Tory is a man of integrity, full of passion and drive for our amazing city, with the business know-how of getting our finances in order at city hall. His leadership and ability to collaborate with others will allow Toronto to move forward rather than the standstill of the past 4 years. He is very well-spoken and will respectfully and professionally represent us to other cities and on the world stage.

I get on the Yonge line at Sheppard, and during rush hour, it is hard to get on as it is full of York region commuters from Finch Station. SmartTrack integrates transit as a region from Markham to the airport area to relieve the Yonge line, while bringing a cost-effective alternative to expensive subways with no traffic impact by using existing GO corridors.

As a resident of Willowdale for 16 years, I am proud to call Toronto my home, and John will help us get back on track!

Donna Lindell

Occupation: Professor

Several years ago, John hosted a group of keen city builders, the Emerging Leaders Network, at his home . He spoke candidly about his career, his life lessons and his love of Toronto. He was inspiring. I remember him saying that if you don't have some level of fear before starting a new job, then something is won't be challenged. John has a big job ahead of him but I know he has the leadership style and skills to make things happen in a positive direction. I'm voting for John because one of Toronto's greatest city builders and true visionary, David Pecault, before his passing, personally asked John to take over as Chair of the Civic Action Network. That's the best endorsement anyone could have.

Peggy Aheran

Ward: 4 - Etobicoke
Occupation: Healthcare Consultant

I believe that John will represent our city and manage its affairs in an intelligent, thoughtful and professional manner. John has the unique combination of education experience and commitment that Toronto requires as the largest city in Canada and one of the top 5 largest cities in North America. We need to change the reputation we've developed both nationally and internationally and regain the respect we deserve.

I also believe that John is the only candidate that can achieve a collaborative spirit at city hall. The feuding needs to stop and energy needs to focus on improving Toronto - in the areas that voters have identified. City council has lost the confidence of the citizens. We need to be confident that real work is being done and progress is being made.

For all these reasons, I will be voting for John Tory in October.

Troy Burtch

Ward: 31
Occupation: Community Manager & Sales

I've had the pleasure on working with John on a number of local initiatives and found him to be compassionate, understanding, sincere and above all else - interested in the cause.

John will be a Mayor that I can be proud of. A Mayor that will keep Toronto honest. A Mayor that a great city like Toronto deserves.

There are politicians that say one thing and do another for the sake of gaining a single vote. I want a Mayor that will be able to work with both the left and the right. A leader in all circles. Someone who will inspire the city once again. A person that will be respected in the role of Mayor.

That is why I am voting for John Tory and I hope you join me in doing so.

Alanna Fallis

Ward: 20 – Trinity Spadina
Occupation: Communications Professional

I am proud to support John for his principles and authentic passion towards Toronto. John is someone who wants to make Toronto more liveable and help our city's economy grow. John has a clear vision for Toronto and the people who live here and I believe that we need a mayor who turns words into actions. I support John's priorities; transit, jobs and economy, and the environment and look forward to October when Toronto can be proud and celebrate their new mayor, John Tory.

Diane Scarlett

Ward: 22 – St. Paul’s

On October 27th I will be voting for John Tory because the job of mayor requires more depth and experience than a person can have from being a career politician. Toronto is filled with many different people who have lived all over Ontario and the world. They work in the private sector and have had many different jobs.

John Tory is the only candidate who hasn't spent the vast majority of their career in the public sector as a politician. His corporate management skills are well documented and his time as Ontario PC leader demonstrated his eagerness in seeing and meeting people in every riding in the province, as soon as possible. I think that the value of being an "outsider" is integral to the fresh and thorough approach Toronto needs.

John Tory brings a more holistic vision to City Hall that isn't marred by a myopia of previous entanglements with the TTC or with City Hall at large. I believe his vision better understands how the economy and people of Toronto work everyday.

Heinrich Della Scala

Ward: Ward 4 Etobicoke
Occupation: Semi-Retired Fine Art Consultant

I never met Mr. John Tory in person but did have the pleasure of meeting his Father in the mid 80's ever so briefly. If John Tory is anything like his Father, and all indications point in that direction, add to that the outstanding job he did with his radio show in the recent past, Mr. Tory has demonstrated beyond doubt his vast knowledge, experience and ability to communicate on all topics & levels of importance to us in this city. On these facts alone John Tory is beyond qualified to be elected to become Toronto's next Mayor. Furthermore, Mr. Tory has proven himself as a business leader, he is obviously a person who cares a great deal about Toronto, as well he would brings a lot of class to the office of Mayor, something Toronto needs and deserves. Of great importance is, as it seems to me, that John Tory is a Centrist or just right of center, which will hopefully cause all those on council to focus on the business of running this city rather than that of making ugly political hay.

Kat Scoop

I had the great privilege to meet John Tory many years ago when I volunteered for Dana McKiel. John was a guest for the OFSAA football championships and I was there to meet him and see that he was looked after.

My next encounter with John was when I volunteered for him at Queen's Park when he was then Leader Of the Official Opposition. From volunteering I became an employee and my admiration for him grew. He was early to the office, had his ear on the pulse of everything, and whenever we spoke he always new what was up with me before I could say. He allowed me to be myself while sharing fatherly advice and direction for my life.

It is funny - my mom loves him so much for the opportunities he presented to me and will refer to him as my dad every now and then - "like what's your dad up to now?" What I really grew to love is that John was in every community caring about their needs and every community knows this about John. He is always there! He is a great man with a good heart.


I listened to John Tory speak at a mortgage conference. It was at that moment I realized that John was different than all other candidates. He was a businessman, a family man and he was honest and straight-forward. He wasn't a politician. He answered questions with honesty and clarity, even if the answer was not popular.

At that moment I realized he is exactly what the city needs locally, and on the world Wide stage. His lack of political baloney was refreshing. I hope the voters see through the politics and vote for the right person, John Tory

Darryl Nielsen

Ward: 30 – Toronto Danforth
Occupation: Sales Hospitality and Tourism

I want to vote for a centrist who will bring both the left and right to the table to improve Toronto long term. A leader who will champion sound economics, infrastructure maintenance and building, and continued support of the Toronto’s social services. John has a true philosophy of service to his community. John is the only candidate that truly doesn't need, or want to be in the race, for his or her own personal benefit. John will put the needs of the entire community above the desires of a few. I will be voting for John Tory on October 27th.

Carol Frilegh

Ward: 27 – Toronto-Centre Rosedale
Occupation: Cineplex Public Relations

As a regular listener to CFRB am radio, and a fan of the more liberal talk show hosts, I also enjoyed "The Live Drive" and was impressed with the points of view that John Tory expressed. His intelligence, patience and good manners earned my respect and admiration. He has a talent for seeking consensus and being open to diverse opinions. Comparing the history and character of the three leading candidates for Mayor, I realized John Tory was the person who won my respect and support. He has the qualities of leadership that represent our city as it really is. John has outstanding intelligence, business experience and a goal to commit and dedicate himself to the residents of Toronto. This was confirmed when I had the opportunity to meet John Tory and speak with him.

I have every confidence that he will bring back Toronto's well-deserved good reputation and lead us forward to greater heights. Toronto needs Tory as our next leader, one we can be proud of!

Aaron Shaw

Ward: 32

Having listened to John Tory on the radio talking to everyday people, I feel that hands down there is no candidate who is in better touch with Torontonians than John Tory. For four years he listened to people, hearing first hand what they feel the city needs to improve and getting their insights as to what they feel needs to be done to try and fix things.

John Tory is the only candidate with a vision for the city that looks beyond the next four years towards the bigger picture; a transit plan that will take advantage of resources already at our disposal, a vision of a new business hub in the middle of the city and practical ideas to improve gridlock downtown. These are all priorities that need addressing today.

John Tory genuinely cares for all of Toronto and not just parts of it. Since amalgamation Toronto hasn't had a mayor that sees this city functioning as one. John Tory can see that and wants to achieve that.

Janet Tamo

Occupation: Dentist

I have been lucky enough to meet John and some of his family members at various charity events in Toronto. He is exactly the kind of person that I would be proud to have as mayor of our fine city. Refined, well spoken, and worldly, he is someone that I would be proud to have represent Toronto. It is time for change. We need a world class person to lead us. John Tory is the man!



Thrilled can only be how I felt when John threw his hat in the ring. We need a Mayor to be proud of who is going to make Toronto shine, we have had enough shame the last 4 years and it will probably take some time to get rid of the bad reputation we have had. I am born and raised in Toronto and I have always loved it, it is my city and what has happened to it has been sad. We MUST have change and get the best city in the world back where it belongs and I believe John can do it. I hope and pray that October 27th we have our wonderful Toronto back on track-please vote and make it count.

David Wooley

I support John because he is a responsible conservative and, more importantly, a principled human being. Whether it's hearing him speak at a community centre, a cultural institution, or on the debate stage, I know John Tory is someone I would be proud to have as mayor.

We need someone at city hall who has serious fiscal conservative credentials, who knows what it takes to run a business, and who has a strong social conscience. We need someone who will get city hall working again. In all these regards, John Tory is second to none, and that is why I am proud to support John Tory for Mayor.

Safina Lalani

Occupation: Lawyer

John Tory is amazing. He's kind, incredibly smart, and is dedicated to making Toronto a better place to live -- for everyone.

Anthony Wilson-Smith

Ward: 27 – Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Occupation: CEO of a Not-for-profit organization

Years ago, I worked with John at the same company. He always knew how things worked, and that was not surprising, because he seemed to know and talk to everyone in the company. Over the years, I moved to other companies & jobs, but stayed in touch with John - which was easy, because he makes time for everyone. I came to rely on his solid, common-sense advice for important decisions, and also because of his fundamental decency and strong values. As a mayor, I want someone who is intelligent, engaged, trustworthy and interested in a world beyond his or her own doorstep. A true leader is a consensus-builder and shaper who listens to everyone and then makes a firm decision once they have all the necessary information in hand: that's John. Sometimes, when you get to know famous people, you find out they don't really measure up to the hype about them. In John's case, the reverse is true: the better you get to know him, the more you admire him and look to him for leadership & direction.

Irene & George Willis

Ward: 20 – Trinity Spadina
Occupation: Producer (Tv Commercials) and Cinematographer and Director/Cameraman

My husband and I listened to John nightly while he was on Newstalk 1010. He never ceased to impress us with his sensibilities, morals, values, compassion for those in underprivileged areas and his strong sense of family.

Often we did not necessarily agree with some of his opinions, but we could understand why and respected his reasoning. I personally love how he speaks about his wife and children. He seems a genuinely committed man, which is admirable in this day and age. John is truly a wise and well-balanced, smart, respectful human being who would do our city well.

We sincerely hope John Tory is the next mayor of Toronto.

Manuel Rodriguez

Ward: 14
Occupation: President - Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

I support John Tory for Mayor of Toronto. His business know how and his management experience make him the clear choice for our great City.

Manuel Rodriguez
Hispanic Leader - Entrepreneur

David Boughner

Ward: 16 – Eglinton-Lawrence
Occupation: Director of Strategic Initiatives

I am supporting John Tory for Mayor.

John's unique experience in business, volunteerism and public life makes him uniquely qualified to be the next mayor of Toronto. John is running for all the right reasons and this will translate to a very high level of dedication to the office he seeks. I trust that John will make good, fact based and principled decisions in the best interest of the greater good of our city. I am very confident based on his previous actions that John will act with the highest level of fiscal responsibility and ensure that we get good value for money for every dime spent. After a disruptive and distracting past fourteen months at Toronto City Hall, we need to set a new standard for professionalism, collaboration, integrity and engagement in making Toronto a world-class city. John has proven he can deliver this.

W.J Bill Hedges

Occupation: Crown Attorney

I support John Tory's bid to become mayor of the city of Toronto for several reasons. If we wish to be regarded as a truly world class city we have to elect a Chief Magistrate who can be seen on the world stage as a person of high standards in every regard. We need a person of intellect, one who has excellent executive skills, and who can build a team at City Hall. And we need a skilled diplomatic person who can negotiate with other levels of government and other municipalities.

Our Mayor and Council need to create the "one city" feeling. Right now I feel that is a really great challenge. That is what the so-called "Ford Nation" uses against the old city of Toronto. Disparity in property taxes is of the bugaboos. People living in Scarborough, York, North York and Etobicoke believe they are paying more than their fair share and that the Old City gets an unfair share of the amenities. I'm delighted that John has talked the talk, and I wish him every good wish for a successful election.