Published on March 14, 2014 10:56 pm


John Tory has committed to a 10-point code of conduct, should he be elected our Mayor.  The code pledges to run an open government, emphasizing the basic democratic requirement for having elected officials answer questions publicly.  It also committs to respecting and defending Toronto’s laws – not breaking them.

Tory’s code of conduct also addresses, at length, his commitment to use City Hall as a vehicle for progress and positive change – not an congested fortress where divisions and enemies are cultivated.

We need to restore integrity to government, so we can get back to talking about priorities of Torontonians, instead of talking about the sideshow at City Hall.


1. I will respect and defend our laws, not break them. I will act with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and professionalism that public office demands.  In short, I will respect the law.

2. I will show up for work each day to get things done, and I will do this in a transparent manner. This includes keeping a weekly schedule that is public and easily accessible.

3. I will conduct, at a minimum, a weekly press availability that is open and honest. Fostering meaningful and open civic dialogue requires a Mayor who answers questions – not runs from them.


4. I will build and promote strong working relationships with neighbouring municipalities and other levels of government without regard to their political stripe. Torontonians want tangible and meaningful results and that means working together.

5. I will mend relationships and build bridges in a divided City Council by working with every member on an issue-by-issue basis. The outcome needs to reflect a desire to make life better for Torontonians.

6. I will not compile an enemies list. Torontonians do not want a party system at city hall. I will use the mayor’s office to work with people, not carry on old fights.

7. I will always treat city staff with respect and professionalism. A Mayor can be tough and decisive without being overbearing and brash.


8. I will ensure that city resources are used exclusively for city business by tightening spending rules and oversight mechanisms. Not one public penny will be used on personal matters.

9. I will introduce real penalties for elected officials and public servants who abuse the privileges, responsibilities and trust that accompany public service. We work for Torontonians – not the other way around.

10. I will require all lobbyists to register in order to make our system more fair and accountable, including leveling the playing field for union lobbyists.

Read John’s op-ed about the Code of Conduct.