Born and raised in Toronto, Mayor Tory has spent his career giving back to the city he loves, through his tireless work in public, private sector and philanthropic roles.

Elected as the 65th Mayor of Toronto in 2014, John Tory has rapidly made the city more livable, affordable and functional. 

He has improved the way people move around this city, fighting traffic congestion and speeding up major construction projects; introducing free transit for kids under 12 and discounted transit for low income residents; championing a transit network expansion plan that includes the Relief Line, SmartTrack, the Eglinton East LRT, Bloor Danforth Subway Extension and the Waterfront Transit Network; and securing $9 billion in investments from other levels of government – the single biggest infrastructure investment in this city’s history.

He has kept taxes low, while investing in priority services including affordable housing and poverty reduction, and modernizing the government services on which people rely.

Under his leadership, Toronto has attracted jobs and investment and emerged as an undisputed centre of innovation and opportunity on the world stage.

Mayor Tory and his wife Barbara have been married for 39 years, and have four children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in Toronto.